15 of the Clearest Bodies of Water In North America

Elkhart Lake | Sheboygan County, WI
This is the family-friendly lakeside getaway that children and grown-ups alike will remember for years to come. First, there’s the idyllic waters of enchanted Elkhart Lake, ideal for kayaking, row boating, or an afternoon dip. Or, there’s the docks, where you spend an afternoon reading with occasional glances up to take in the blue-green twinkle of the lake’s surface. Finally, there’s the laid-back Osthoff Lake Resort, where the caramelized scallops at Lola’s on the Lake will melt on your tongue, just like your heart when your kids ask, “Can we never leave?” P.S Kids and kid-at-heart will adore the race tracks and attractions at Road America. Don’t miss it!
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