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  • Elkhart Lake Image Library

    The Elkhart Lake Image Library was created as a service to our media and industry partners. This gallery highlights the Elkhart Lake’s natural beauty, unique attractions, events, historic sites, as well as the faces of Elkhart Lake. ... MORE >

  • Facts and Figures

    Size of Community The Village of Elkhart Lake was incorporated in 1894, back in the days of our 24th President Grover Cleveland. The residents of the Village came from the hard working German Heritage. That can-do spirit has been a main stay from the beginning. Back in the late 1800’s, when “tourism” first took hold, the entire Village from farmers providing the produce, milk and... MORE >

  • History - Gambling

    Gambling was an active part of Elkhart Lake’s history.  The state had always left enforcement of the laws to local municipalities, but often law officers looked the other way.  In Elkhart Lake, slot machines were everywhere, used in the summer and stored in the winter.  In 1908, Sigmund Bloomfield, owner of the Schwartz Hotel, was the first to be arrested for the nickel and... MORE >

  • History - Legends

    Legend has it that the Potawatomi Indians, the original tribe of the area, called the lake “Me-shay-way-odeh-ni-bis” or Great Elk Heart Lake. It was so called because of its general shape resembling an elk’s heart.   The Native Americas also believed the water of the lake to have curative powers. If they bathed in them, they would be “rejuvenated and handsome again.” To this very day,... MORE >

  • History - Road America

    Open road sports car races held in 1950 through 1952 were conceived and operated by the members of the Chicago Region of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA).   At the time, Elkhart Lake was at a low point in its economic history and Jim Johnson, President of the Elkhart Lake Bank, felt that the races would bring a new energy to the area. Joined... MORE >