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9                                                                                                                                             (877)355-4278

             v a ca tion r ent al pr op er t y

                 Christi’s Vacation        Christi’s house and apartment rental properties are centrally located right off of the

              Home Rentals, LLC            town square and close to the lake.
                                           These fully furnished properties are
                       Elkhart Lake Area
                                           delightfully decorated to make you
             (920) 876-3346 or 980-8803
                                           feel at home with all the modern

                                           Discover how inexpensive a home
                                           rental can be. You’ll find the perfect
                                           property for your group needs.
                                           Properties are within walking
                                           distance to The Feed Mill Shops,
                                           fine restaurants, retail shops and only
                                           two miles from Road America. Ask
                                           for rates and view these properties
                                           on the website.

                      Elkhart Lake         Through this program, visitors have the unique opportunity to stay in one of the

                       Chamber of          many distinct homes, cottages and condos owned by locals, who continue the
                                           long-standing Elkhart Lake tradition of opening their homes to visitors.
              Commerce Vacation

                   Rental Property         The Elkhart Lake Chamber of Commerce    Homes and condos are available year-
                                                                                   round for visitors interested in attending
                                           began this rental program over 60 years
                      41 E. Rhine Street   ago, when automobiles still raced through   races, enjoying the beautiful colors of the
                           Elkhart Lake    the village and around the lake. Noticing   Kettle Moraine or a quiet weekend away.
                      (920) 876-2922 or    that these races brought a robust influx   The Chamber’s Rental Program has
                        (877) 355-3554                              of tourists,
                                       the home-      everything from early twentieth-century
                                                                                   cottages and houses to contemporary
                                                                    owners of      condos, some within a short walk to the
                                                                    Elkhart Lake   lakefront and restaurants. For detailed
                                                                    graciously     information, contact the Elkhart Lake
                                                                    opened their   Chamber of Commerce.
                                                                    houses to
                                                                    racers and
                                                                    their families.

                                                            There may be no place like home,
                                                             but Elkhart Lake vacation home
                                                             rentals are the next best thing to
                                                                         being there.

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