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              Recreational Trails

               Elkhart Lake’s proximity to the Kettle Moraine State Forest and its glacially formed

                       hills and valleys make it a popular destination for hikers, bikers and cross country skiers.

                                                                                       Ice Age Trail
                                                                                       LaBudde Creek Segment
                                                                                       The Ice Age Trail is a foot path primarily
                                                                                       for hiking and snow-shoeing. It includes
                                                                                       Northern Kettle Moraine State Forest,
                                                                                       LaBudde Creek State Fishery Area,
                                                                                       Sheboygan Marsh Park, Crystal Lake and
                                                                                       Elkhart Lake, Sheboygan and
                                                                                       Mullet rivers and Glenbeulah. For details

                                                                                       Old Plank Road Trail
                                                                                       A popular 17 mile trail that
                                                                                       accommodates bicyclists, runners,
                                                                                       walkers, in-line skaters, horseback
                                                                                       riders, moped users, nordic skiers, and
                                                                                       snowmobilers on 10-feet of asphalt
                                                                                       and 8-feet of turf. The trail parallels
                                                                                       State Hwy 23 from Sheboygan to
                                                                                       the Kettle Moraine State Forest. For
                                                                                       details visit
               Bicycle Tour
               A circular back road bike tour runs from Elkhart Lake to Kiel and back. For a
               map visit,
               June Vollrath Athletic Park and Fitness Trail
               Just north of the Village of Elkhart Lake on State Highway 67 is the fitness trail
               at June Vollrath Park. The trail is open to the public and loops through the
               park’s forested area.

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