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               Historic Race Circuits

               Don’t miss traveling on the two historic race circuits around Elkhart Lake. They will take you around the corners
               and over the hills once traveled at high speed by the world’s top sports car drivers.

               Find out about Dicken’s Ditch,     Jaguar crossing the finish line first,   dedicated at a ceremony where
               Kimberly’s Korner and Schoolhouse   after fighting off challenges from   racers John Fitch and Phil Hill were
               Straight. Fourteen historical markers   classic sports cars of every kind. Or   honored guests - more than fifty
               are placed around these winding    envision John Fitch in a Cunningham   years after their legendary victories.
               circuits to commemorate the big    C4R cruising to victory after 30 laps   Relive the excitement and checkout
               names and the big events that      in front of an estimated crowd of   the historic open-road-racing
               occurred here between 1950         100,000 race fans. Two-hundred-     circuits of Elkhart Lake. For more
               and 1952.                          thirty-eight (238) cars in all entered   information, visit the website
                                                  the three races held in 1952.
               Imagine hay bails on the corners and                         
               thousands of cheering fans lining the   Race circuits around Elkhart Lake
               roads of these one-of-a-kind open-   are now listed on the Wisconsin and
               road-racing circuits around Elkhart   National Register of Historic Places.
               Lake. Close your eyes and picture   In July 2006, historical markers were         Pictured at the dedication ceremony
                                                                                        are Augie Pabst, right, and John Fitch and Phil Hill.
               world champion Phil Hill in a C-type   placed around the lake circuits and

                                                                    Key to Map
                                                                    . . . . 1950 circuit

                                                                    _ _ _1951-52 circuit

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