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                Wendy & Rob Orth

                Owners of Siebkens Resort
                Years Spent in Elkhart Lake
                Wendy: I think the 1975 June Sprints would have
                been my first visit to Elkhart Lake and Road
                America (I was 7 months old).
                Rob: I first came to Elkhart Lake for
                Vintage in 1996.
                What is your connection to Elkhart Lake?
                Wendy: My father raced at Road America for
                over 30 years from the 60s through the 90s,
                and I grew up making summer day trips to Road
                America.  After the races, we would swim at
                Fireman’s Park, stop at Siebkens for a sandwich,
                and drive home to the Fox Cities.  Rob and I
                started dating in 1995, and after bringing him
                here for the first time the following summer, he
                was hooked. We’ve made annual pilgrimages to
                Elkhart Lake for summer vacations ever since.
                Our children have been swimming in the Lake
                since they were babies.
                What made you want to own a
                business in Elkhart Lake?
                For several years, we’d been discussing our
                desire to move back to Wisconsin. While living in
                Houston, the opportunity arose  to buy Siebkens
                and it just felt right.  To be honest, we consider
                ourselves stewards of Siebkens and its heritage
                rather than owners. The property, buildings, and
                legacy of warm hospitality are important to a
                great many people. We take this responsibility
                very seriously and hope we can preserve and
                build upon what makes Siebkens Resort such a
                special place.
                What is your favorite thing about
                Elkhart Lake?
                A fellow local business sums up Elkhart Lake with
                its name: Small Town Big Family…businesses and
                the community working together to promote,
                support, and celebrate one another.  The
                support we’ve received from members of the
                community, resort guests, and other Elkhart
                Lake businesses has been tremendous. We can
                call on a neighboring restaurant or resort to
                borrow a heat lamp, table linens, or whatever we
                might need in a pinch. Everyone is so gracious
                and willing to help.  The collective mindset that
                it takes all of us in the Village together to thrive
                and succeed inspires us daily. We’re extremely
                happy to call Elkhart Lake our home.
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