Disc Golfing Opportunities in Elkhart Lake

October 4, 2021

By Logan Schroeder

When you think of Elkhart Lake’s Road America, odds are your mind starts to envision top flight drivers jockeying for position in thrilling, jaw-dropping races. While there is no question that you will have an unforgettable experience hanging out at the National Park of Speed on a busy race weekend, what you may not know is that the action doesn’t have to stop when the races aren’t in town. For both avid and casual, inexperienced players, the village of Elkhart Lake offers a number of unique disc golf challenges. I had the opportunity to take on two of these fantastic courses over the late summer and early fall – Road America and the Disc Golf Course at Marsh Park.

Road America

Disc golf at Road America is a terrific course for just about any player, regardless of how one might classify his or her skill level. It offers a wide range of hole distance: anywhere from 172 – 384 ft. The course also presents a healthy variety of terrain. You will find yourself trekking your way up some considerably hilly areas while also weaving your way through dense thickets and narrow fairways. My favorite part of this course is the crossover from the front to the back 9, when you make your way over the Sargento Bridge overlooking the racetrack. For just a moment you can feel those race vibrations as you make your way to hole 10. Be careful on the eleventh hole – you will need to avoid the pond on your left as you enter a more heavily wooded portion of the course. For the best possible value, try out the Road America disc golf course during a Monday or Wednesday evening between May and September during Road America’s 4 Miles of Fitness .

Disc Golf Course at Marsh Park

Sheboygan County Marsh Park  is certainly a change of pace from the one offered by Road America but no doubt provides an equally entertaining experience. The course is shorter and much more heavily wooded. If you do not bring but spray, you will regret it – trust me! The designers were very funny and creative in their work, coming up with amusing names such as “The Squiggler” and “The Stinker” for each hole. Perhaps the most apt name choice is “The Gapper” on Hole 5 – the fairway is nice and straight, but the thick line of trees on either side spells trouble for a wayward drive out of the tee box. Close out this impressive course by ascending up a wooden tower and throwing down at the basket on the unconventional 18th Hole. Hopefully you aren’t afraid of heights because the higher your skill level, the higher your tee box!

Whether you’re passionate about disc golf or just getting started on a new hobby, you are missing out if you haven’t yet teed off at Road America and the Marsh. Both of these courses are available year-round, so come on out – rain or shine, summer or snowfall. Continue to check in on (insert link to website here) for exciting course news and updates such as tournaments and specials. Best of luck as you conquer these two beautiful courses and explore all that Elkhart Lake has to offer.

Logan Schroeder

Logan Schroeder is a lifelong resident of Sheboygan County who graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran College in 2019. In his free time, Logan can be found rooting on his favorite WI sports teams. He also enjoys finding ways to stay fit and active by playing a variety of sports and running – all over Sheboygan County!

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