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Summer Solitude

Each year that passes, I fall a little deeper in love with the month of June. Maybe it’s because you can see a little deeper into the lake and notice the schools of minnows glittering below the surface. The water is impressively clear in early summer, and there’s something about diving into the lake before…

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ladies on golf cart

Strike Gold on Quit Qui Oc Greens

By Kate Vollrath After letting out a final exhale at the Aspira yoga class last Saturday, the woman next to me shared that she was visiting from the Madison area and was hoping to do some golfing with her son and her husband. “I’m not a big golfer,” she quickly let out, “We just really…

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Girls’ Getaway Weekend: Uncorked

By Kate Vollrath It’s no secret that Wisconsinites have a complicated relationship with spring. Although the temperatures still feel wintry, the sun sets later and the birds chirping are sure signs that the ground is thawing and summer is nearing. That is reason enough to celebrate! Elkhart Lake is famous for its freshwater beauty and…

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10 Fun Things to Do in Elkhart Lake, WI in Winter by a Wisconsinite

There are many wonderful things to do in Elkhart Lake in winter! While Elkhart Lake is a popular summer destination in Wisconsin and is most known for its Road America race track, it still makes for a great winter weekend getaway. With fun outdoor activities, such as ice fishing and snowshoeing, to brewery tastings, fish fries, and…

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elkhart lake train depot christmas

Holiday Highlights In Elkhart Lake That You Need to Add to Your Bucket List

Santa is coming to town! We are trimming the tree, stringing the lights, and giving you plenty of reasons to spend the holidays in Elkhart Lake this year. From holiday workshops for adults and kids to everyone's holiday favorite, the Old World Christmas Market. You'll create some new traditions and memories with this fun and…

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Wisconsin Meetings — Destination Elkhart Lake

By Melanie Radzicki McManus & Wisconsin Meetings At first glance, Elkhart Lake might seem like a curious spot to hold a conference or meeting. The village is small, with approximately 1,100 residents. About 60 miles from Milwaukee and 100 miles from Madison, it’s not on an interstate highway. And it has a casual, flip-flop vibe. But once…

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Disc Golfing Opportunities in Elkhart Lake

By Logan Schroeder When you think of Elkhart Lake’s Road America, odds are your mind starts to envision top flight drivers jockeying for position in thrilling, jaw-dropping races. While there is no question that you will have an unforgettable experience hanging out at the National Park of Speed on a busy race weekend, what you…

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8 Things To Do If You’re In Elkhart Lake for Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup is finally here and if you are staying in Elkhart Lake or just looking for something fun to do while you aren't checking out all of the action at the course, we've got you covered! Check out the list of things to do in Elkhart Lake while you are here visiting our beautiful…

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A SUP Tour of Elkhart Lake

By Mike Koehler For many tourists and locals alike, the most common view of Elkhart Lake is from the walkway and overlook near the Osthoff resort. The views are splendid, but for a different - more adventurous - view of Elkhart Lake consider a stand up paddleboard (SUP) excursion on the lake. This post takes…

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Take the Scenic Cycling Route

By Mike Koehler Elkhart Lake has a vibrant cycling scene and for good reason - the well maintained, sparsely traveled country roads around the Village provide an ideal location to explore our beautiful countryside. So, after you have immersed yourself in Elkhart Lake's crystal-clear waters (and perhaps had too much to eat or drink at one…

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