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Stories That Inspire

Get inspired with stories that give the ins and outs to Elkhart Lake. Find those hidden gems, off the beaten path routes, and local favorites.

A Rainy Day in Elkhart Lake…. We’ve Got You!

Most people would agree that the jewel of Elkhart Lake is our beautiful crystal-clear lake. Understandably so, we focus a lot of attention on lakeside activities like watersports, Tiki Bar,…

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Fine Food and Wine, a Family Legacy — 25 years of Lake Street Café 

There’s something about living and working in a seasonal rhythm that makes time move differently than in other places. In Elkhart Lake, in the summer, things move fast. Really fast….

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6 Memorable Things to Do This Memorial Day Weekend in Elkhart Lake

The weather is warm, smells of a sizzling barbecue float through the air, and the sweet sounds of an Elkhart Lake summer echo throughout the village…It’s Memorial Day Weekend. The…

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Exploring Hidden Family Gems: A Summer Getaway for All Ages

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve finally entered the month when it’s safe to put plants in the ground! My family always went with the Memorial Day rule for planting when I…

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The Lake Isn’t the Only One Sparkling: Explore Hidden Gems in the Village This Summer

It’s April. Summer is the nearest it’s been all year. Soon the lake will be warm enough for a dip (or maybe a few brave souls have already plunged?!) and…

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Your Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Karting at Road America

By John Ewert, Road America Have you ever watched professional racing and wondered, “How did they get started?” Or maybe you’re simply seeking some family-friendly excitement? If so, kart racing…

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Exploring The Elkhart Way: Insights into a Sustainable Movement

The fact that Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin continues to be the place I call home no matter where I wander is an incredible gift. One of the luckiest things the stars…

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Snowflakes & Smiles: Schnee Days Weekend

With over 40 years of Schnee Days experience under their belt, you could say Elkhart Lake has deep-snow experience in winter fun.  So, grab your winter gear, lace up your…

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Pizza, Wine & Shopping: Get to know East Rhine Street’s newest businesses

Wisconsin weather has a way of keeping everyone on their toes and during this time of year it is not rare to experience two seasons in one day. As I…

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Let’s Meat Up at Elktoberfest

Many are drawn to Elkhart Lake from June until August. Those who come just slightly later in the season will enjoy smaller flocks of visitors and boats as flocks of…

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25 Years of Playing in the Mud at Two Fish Gallery

Even after being away for months at a time, it only takes a simple stroll through the village streets to be reminded of why this place is unlike any other…

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Where There Are Greens There Is Gold

100 years of Hard Work and Hitting Golf Balls at Quit Qui Oc Golf Course It’s only July, but today the intensity of the sun and the rising lake temperature…

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