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A Trail Worth the Travel

By William Jacob Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail:  Anyone in the Midwest who likes nature and hiking has probably heard of Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail. It’s a 1,000-mile trail that winds through some of the most beautiful, glacially sculped areas of the State. The Village of Elkhart Lake lands right in its path. In fact, the…

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What can you get for a buck these days? Ask Zoe. She knows.

By Señor Momento Some visitors think Elkhart Lake is expensive and only for the affluent. Others think vacationing here is quaint, relaxing and a real deal! It all depends on how you perceive value. In my eyes, you don’t need a fancy automobile, car condominium or home on the lake to enjoy the Elkhart Lake…

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Elkhart Lake Blue to Road America

By Road America - Chevrolet Pays Tribute to One of America's Greatest Road Courses - Chevrolet recently unveiled its 2019 Corvette in Elkhart Lake Blue and five of the new Corvettes will be featured as official pace cars at Road America's National Park of Speed. According to Chevrolet's designers and engineers, Elkhart Lake Blue is…

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Help Keep Elkhart Lake Blue

By Elkhart Lake Improvement Association The crystal-clear waters of Elkhart Lake is the most prized possession of the Village.  This speaks to the importance of lake stewardship or Best Practices when swimming and boating on Elkhart Lake.  Elkhart Lake Improvement Association, also known as ELIA,  would like to share these very important tips for residents…

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Balance Your Summer: Pack up the kids and head to the Library.

By Martha Schott Swimming, boating, fishing, biking, playing, laughing... so many images come to mind at the first mention of a visit to Elkhart Lake in the summertime. If you are a kid, the excitement of a day or a week or a summer at Elkhart Lake is almost overwhelming. And that’s exactly why I’d…

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Come On, Nana. Let’s Play!

By Señor Momento Welcome to Elkhart Lake, a multi-generational vacation spot. Most of us who live here, also vacation here.  We don’t find many reasons to leave home.  But a visitor may be escaping a busy lifestyle and seeking Elkhart Lake’s small town, simple rhythm for a weekend, a week or for the summer.If you…

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