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Pontoon, Ski, Wakeboard & Tube Rentals

Do Whatever Floats Your Boat

Pontoon Rentals
24′ pontoon with 40 HP engine
12 passenger pontoon
$100 per hour or $270 for 3 hours

No towing of any kind and no pets please. WI state law requires driver to be born before Jan 1, 1989  with valid drivers license or 25 years of age with boating license, and a Valid Credit Card. You may add additional hours once you have reached the three hour, $70 each. A driver can be supplied, please plan ahead of time with a reservation, $20 per hour.

The Barefoot Lady
Our Larger pontoon option, comes with a driver (always).
20 passenger pontoon
lease specify any plans of swimming.
$180 per hour

Ski / Wakeboard / Tube Rentals
We drive these boats (always), which means this is not a rental speed boat.
$180  hour or $170 per hour for a 2 or 3 hour reservation