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The Elkhart Way

It’s easy to see why our little village attracts visitors from all over the globe. The natural beauty is an idyllic backdrop for the simple charm and lake vibes found here. As Elkhart Lake remains a treasured destination, we are aware of the challenges associated with that popularity. We love welcoming visitors to share this gem of the Midwest and want to do everything we can to protect it and respect it for future residents and visitors alike.

This is why Elkhart Lake Tourism is introducing a new initiative this year called ‘The Elkhart Way’. The Elkhart Way movement focuses on the idea of responsible tourism in our community and helps us all realize the role we all play in keeping Elkhart Lake the special place it is.

Protect & Respect…it’s the Elkhart Way

We know you love Elkhart Lake as much as we do, and we encourage you to LOVE it like you LIVE here. Let’s care for Elkhart Lake as if it were our own backyard because, in many ways, it is.

Take it Slow…it’s The Elkhart Way

Welcome to lake time – it’s all about relaxation. Enjoy Elkhart Lake at its leisurely pace and remember, patience is key during your vacation. With seasonal hours and staffing challenges, there might be longer waits at restaurants. If you’re pressed for time, consider exploring nearby options. And whenever possible, plan ahead to make the most of your experience.

Support a Clean Community…it’s the Elkhart Way

Remember the golden rule: Pack it in, pack it out. Let’s each play a role in preserving the cleanliness of Elkhart Lake. Garbage bins are conveniently situated throughout the village and within businesses for your convenience. If you’re not near one, hold onto your waste until you find an appropriate disposal spot. Together, let’s ensure our beaches, streets, sidewalks, and parks remain pristine and free of litter.

Leave Only Footprints…it’s the Elkhart Way

The lake — It’s the gem of our village, and when we all treat it like one then we all reap the benefits. Beach day? Leave it how it was when you arrived, if not, better. Boating? Respect “no wake” zones and hours, inspect your boat before you enter the lake and after you leave the lake. Remove. Drain. Dispose. We can all do our part in keeping Elkhart blue.

Embrace the Neighborly Spirit…it’s the Elkhart Way

While we all cherish the fun and lively atmosphere of Elkhart Lake, it’s essential to remember that this is home to many residents. Whether you’re at a vacation rental, resort, or on the beach, let’s make an effort to maintain peaceful surroundings by keeping noise levels down and refraining from loud music or disruptive behavior.