Christmas Dinner in the Village

December 19, 2020

Planning for the holidays during a pandemic has added new layers of stress for all of us.  I come from a large Italian family with many holiday traditions.  We are desperately trying to hold on to these delicious traditions, but honestly, many of them are sadly slipping away this year.  Big gatherings and meals are how we celebrate EVERYTHING; but especially Christmas!  Christmas Eve is our favorite as it includes a huge spread of hors d’oeuvres, an Italian course and then a traditional ham dinner made by my 85-year-old father – it’s tradition!

But this year everything is different.  Gatherings are discouraged, cooking dinners with the extended family…discouraged. Traveling in general…discouraged.   So, I am incredibly thankful of how mindful our restaurants are to help alleviate these stresses.  We can take a load off and let two of our favorite Village Restaurants do the planning, shopping, and cooking this year!  

Lake Street Café is offering 5-Course Christmas Dinner. Everything is prepared to perfection and all you need to do is heat and serve! Order per plate, ala carte or family style for 6 or more.

The courses are what you might expect: Appetizers, Soup and Salad, Pasta, Entrée with choices of sides and of course dessert.  But I’m telling you, the menu options are mouthwatering; Beef/salmon carpaccio, Caccion & Peppe with Parmesan and Truffle, smoked sliced ham with apple bourbon glaze, sweet potato puree, a white chocolate tart infused with vanilla bean, fresh berries and caramelized pistachios.  This is a celebration meal! 

Right next door the Paddock Club is also offering an amazing Christmas Menu, ready to be heated at your convenience.  They too are offering options within each course; like prosciutto and pea arancini (a personal family favorite!) beat salad, short ribs beef bourguignon or chicken roulade, provolone and leak potato gratin, Pot de crème or cinnamon rolls for dessert. And just wait….a pomegranate champaign cocktail kit to boot!

Seriously, no one needs to be spending time in the kitchen over the holiday with these menus! 

If I can’t have my big Italian family around the table because it is discouraged, these fully prepared meals will certainly make for an amazing Christmas Dinner for my family and yours! Get your orders in early!