Help Keep Elkhart Lake Blue

August 8, 2019

By Elkhart Lake Improvement Association

The crystal-clear waters of Elkhart Lake is the most prized possession of the Village.  This speaks to the importance of lake stewardship or Best Practices when swimming and boating on Elkhart Lake. 

Elkhart Lake Improvement Association, also known as ELIA,  would like to share these very important tips for residents and visitors using the lake.

1.Clean Boats, Clean Waters – Following the Clean Boats, Clean Waters program guidelines to help prevent the introduction or limit the spread of aquatic invasive species.  Inspectors at the boat launch conduct boat and trailer inspections and educate boaters on how to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.  Follow the Wisconsin transport laws for boaters and anglers:

                INSPECT your boat, trailer and equipment

                REMOVE any attached aquatic plant of animals (before launching, after loading and (before transporting on a public highway).

                DRAIN all water from boats, motors and all equipment

                NEVER MOVE live fish away from a waterbody

                DISPOSE of unwanted bait in the trash

                BUY minnows from a Wisconsin bait dealer.  Use leftover minnows only under certain conditions.

2. Keep trash from blowing overboard – Bring it back to port for proper disposal or even pick up trash you find in the lake.  Like the camping motto – “pack it in, pack it out.”

3. Follow “no WAKE” postings

4. Don’t Spill Fuel – Be careful when fueling your boat; catch any overflow with petroleum absorbent materials.

5. Fisherman – Never leave fishing line in the lake or tangles in trees or docks.

6. Use onshore restrooms

For more information on Keep Elkhart Lake Blue, visit

Elkhart Lake Improvement Association

ELIA’s mission is to preserve, promote and enhance the general welfare of the lake and the safety of those who use it. Founded in 1964, the Elkhart Lake Improvement Association is a volunteer-run, member-based, 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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