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Driven By Passion

Located just a few miles from Road America, Throttlestop is the cumulation of decades of passion for luxury cars, motorcycles, and competitive racing. Throttlestop was founded by those who wanted to share their passions for automobiles with others. Whether visitors are here to consign a luxury car, purchase a vehicle, view rare relics in our Motorcycle Museum, or to simply explore and be a part of our culture, everyone is welcome at the Throttlestop!

Cycle Museum

Throttlestop’s Motorcycle Museum is a decades-spanning collection of vintage, rare, limited, and restored motorcycles. Visitors find themselves immersed in a showcase of motorcycle history dating back to the 1940s all the way up to today’s modern marvels.


Consignment is an attractive sales option for specialty vehicle owners seeking the highest return from their investment. Throttlestop eliminates the headaches of the traditional sale-by-owner transactions through our intricate consignment process. Our expert team professionally markets, negotiates, and delivers your vehicle to its new owner.


In addition to enjoyment, your vehicle is also an investment. Throttlestop’s top-tier detailing services protect your car’s interior, exterior, and engine compartment. Our expert detailers use state of the art tools and innovative methods to preserve both your vehicle’s beauty and its value.

Tu-F 10am-4pm
Sa 10am-2pm