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Health & Wellness Retreats

A Journey for Your Mind & Body

Create a wellness retreat that makes you feel like you again. Relax at the spa, join a fitness class and experience seed to table dining.

Spa Retreat

Relax & Rejuvenate Your Mind & Body

Spend the day at Aspira Spa and watch your stress melt away. With luxurious spa suites and special spa treatments, your body will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. After soaking in the whirlpool or finding peace in the meditation sanctuary, grab a bite to eat at the Aspira Café. The café offers a full menu of seed to table options that will make your mind and your tummy smile.

Aspira Salon

Relax & Rejuvenate Your Mind & Body

Sit back and relax while you revive your look. From manis and pedis to hair and makeup, it’s the perfect place to relax.

Yoga Classes

Relax & Rejuvenate Your Mind & Body

Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat. Take part in yoga classes in the studio or on the lakefront.