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Spark the Romance

Escape reality together and explore romantic getaways in Elkhart Lake. Cozy up in a luxurious suite featuring a fireplace and your own private balcony or in a charming, Victorian-style Bed & Breakfast.

Spa Suites

Relax and revitalize with a Spa Suite Experience at Aspira Spa.

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Couples Golf

Take on each other on the green at Quit Qui Oc Golf Course.

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Wine & Brew Tastings

Stop at the wine bar for a few tasting then head over to the brewery for a little more.

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Live Music

Enjoy the night out together with live music throughout Elkhart Lake.

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Combine Food & Love

L’ecole de la Maison is a perfect opportunity to enhance your love for food and the love for each other. Take part in classes like French Fare, Wisconsin Traditions and learn about Secret Recipes from The Osthoff’s premiere restaurant, Lola’s on the Lake.

L’ecole de la Maison