Come On, Nana. Let’s Play!

July 31, 2019

By Señor Momento

Welcome to Elkhart Lake, a multi-generational vacation spot. Most of us who live here, also vacation here.  We don’t find many reasons to leave home.  But a visitor may be escaping a busy lifestyle and seeking Elkhart Lake’s small town, simple rhythm for a weekend, a week or for the summer.

If you are like me, a senior grandparent with young littles, you may be looking for ways to dodge King Cobra and its 335-feet of twists and turns at speeds up to 30 mph! In Elkhart Lake, you can run straight to the Lazy River (our beautiful blue lake) and everyone is happy. But there are other things to experience in our small village with a big, big heart. Here’s an idea.

Teach your grandkids a lesson — but have some fun, too!  Elkhart Lake’s grand resorts and summertime traffic are a huge safety concern for all.  But, thanks to our highly trained, skilled and dedicated volunteer fire department, first responders and police department, you are in good hands.  The Elkhart Lake/Town Rhine Fire Station is amazing but the men and women involved are even more spectacular. Be sure to give your grandchildren a close look! There are several opportunities to visit the firehouse, examine the newest, state-of-the-art equipment, trucks, uniforms and protective gear. Young eyes will be opened wide to an exciting, important and fulfilling job. Talk to the firefighters. Introduce your grandchildren to these selfless individuals who are dedicated to your safety. Many young people make fire and rescue a career goal after a tour and one-on-one conversation at the firehouse.

Opportunities to meet, greet and support the department occur throughout the year.  When you visit in April, stop at the firehouse for ALL-U-CAN EAT breakfast.  Visit with old friends. Make some new ones. Chat with the firefighters.

After filling up on pancakes and syrup, my 6-year-old granddaughter, Zoe, had a good time learning about his duties from a fireman who took the time to show her around the station.  Who knows, maybe one day she’ll fit into the gear and wear it proudly as a bold and brave Elkhart Lake firefighter.

Another opportunity is coming up July 5 through 7.  The ELFD holds its annual 3-day celebration with a picnic at Fireman’s Park and Beach. A spectacular fireworks display over the lake kicks off the weekend on Friday evening. A great parade fills the street on Sunday morning. Your grandkids will scramble for loads of candy tossed throughout the hour-long, steady stream of exciting entries.  The parade route ends at the park but the fun continues with a 5th quarter performance by the UW Marching band, food, games, polka music and party festivities.

In the fall, don’t miss the ever-popular fish boil with indoor and outdoor learning opportunities for all ages.  It’s a great way to spend some valuable time with your grandchild and you won’t need to climb a 6-story water slide to impress them!

Señor Momento

Señor Momento came to rural Elkhart Lake 25 years ago and has no plans to head south! Country life, and its close proximity to the lake, beach and fun activities in the village, make retirement years a pleasure for the Momento family. To quote Señor, “Grandparents, children and grandchildren are happy here. It’s a generational joy.”

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