Osthoff’s Pontoon Rentals

Take Time to Coast

7-Passenger Electric Pontoon
Pedal Pontoon (Accommodates 8 people)
21′ Pontoon (Accommodates 10 people)
21′ Pontoon with Driver (Accommodates 9 people)
25′ Pontoon (Accommodates 15 people)
25′ Pontoon with Driver (Accommodates 14 people)

On Sundays, June 12 – September 11, only electric and man-powered watercraft are permitted on Elkhart Lake.
All rentals must be returned 5 min prior to end of scheduled rental time.

Watercraft Rental Requirments

A person at least 21 years old may operate a motorboat only if he or she has completed a boating safety course that is accepted by the Wisconsin D.N.R.
Temporary Boating Licenses can be obtained online at www.boat-ed.com/wisconsinrental.
Full Boating Licenses can also be obtained online at www.boat-ed.com/wisconsin.
Operators must be 21 or older to operate a motorboat or pontoon.

Please call for (800) 552-6826 for reservations.