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Osthoff’s Pontoon Rentals

Take Time to Coast

21′ Pontoon (Accommodates 10 people) = $100/hr
21′ Pontoon with Driver (Accommodates 9 people) = $125/hr
25′ Pontoon (Accommodates 15 people) = $150/hr
25′ Pontoon with Driver (Accommodates 14 people) = $170/hr
On Sundays, June 14 – September 20, only electric and man-powered watercraft are permitted on Elkhart Lake.
All rentals must be returned 5 min prior to end of scheduled rental time.

Watercraft Rental Requirments

A person at least 21 years old may operate a motorboat only if he or she has completed a boating safety course that is accepted by the Wisconsin D.N.R.
Temporary Boating Licenses can be obtained online at
Full Boating Licenses can also be obtained online at
Operators must be 21 or older to operate a motorboat or pontoon.

Closes for the Season on September 30th, please call for (800) 552-6826 for reservations.